Reusable Food Pouch Recipes

Please reach out to us if you have any favourite recipe to share

You decide the amount of each ingredient to be used

Ärtrecept klämmis

Walters Green Oat Smoothie

Rebecka's favourite recipie which includes peas and oat.

Zucchini recept

Zucchini-Food Pouch

This recipe works for everyone, big and small. Emelie's baby loves it.

Manog/Hallon/Jordgubbar recept

Super Vitamin Food Pouch

This is a recipie with a lot of love put into it. Vitamin's, texture and taste.

Kiwi recept klämmis

Exotisk Smoothie

This Smoothie fits perfect on a warm summer day. Sandra inspires us at My Little Meal


Summer -Food Pouch

Fresh strawberry's always work. This is Hanna's best summer recipe for her own food pouches.

Frusen Mango recept

Forzen Mango

Frozen Mango is always good to keep at home in your freezer. Read more about Emilia's favourite recipe that always works with her little one.

Avocado recept

Favourite Food Pouch

This recipe looks as great as it taste's. Sandra share's here exotic and healthy recipe.

Hjortronklämmis recept

Cloudberry Food Pouch

Jennie shares here 8 month baby's favourite recipe using cloudberry as main ingredient.