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Frequently asked questions

The reusable food pouches can be opened and sealed in the bottom with our leak-free double ziplock.

Yes, our reusable food pouches are 100% tested for children. At our My Little Meal we have carefully selected supplier. It has been a lpng process before we found a supplier that fullfilled all legal requierments as well as our own requirements related to functionallity, design and quality. 

To meet all leagal requirements one need to comply with the following EU-directives;

– Regulation (EG) no 1935/2004

– Regulation (EG) no 2023/2006 about good manufacturing process (GMP)

– Regulation (EG) no 10/2011

Yes, Our smoothie bags can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The easiest way is on the top wrack.

We recommend to wash your reusable food pouches before first time you use them and after every time they have been used.

Our smoothie bags can be used at least 50 times. You can compare the cost for a single smoothie bag with the cost of 50 pre-filled baby food pouches in the store 🙂

Yes, our smoothie bags have standard size nozzle and lock.

Even the lock is standard size. That is why the lock of a “one time”-food pouch can be used if you would loose one of ours. 

Yes, on the back side we have a transparent area. Open up the reusable food pouch and fill it until the transparent area is covered and stop there. This way you do not have to worry about pouring too much into the reusable food pouch.

Yes, we encourage our customer to prepare many smoothie bags at the same time. Put most of them in the freezer and save it for a snack on any given day.

No, we recommend to heat up our smoothie bags in hot water. The water should not exceed 70°C.

If you have any questions that could not be found here do not hesitate to contact us.