My Little Meal

About us and our reusable food pouches

My Little Meal consist of a family whose parents have many years experience of purchasing and product development within the food industry. Always with a focus on sustainability.

Design and functionality is the main target for us. We strive to make parents’ everyday life a little bit easier. Because we also love to visit the forest and other areas close to nature, nature itself is a big part of our family’s life. It is therefore important that function and quality meet our high standards. When the product is good, the risk of it not being used decreases. We want our products to be used as many times as possible to reduce the consumption of disposable food pouches. It is our way to facilitate a more sustainable lifestyle for parents. 

Our squeeze bags should be easy to fill with baby food or smoothies. It should be easy to close them and they should hold tight. The design should be ergonomic for the children. To bring a quick snack for your kids is always a good idé and might keep your children motivated for a little while longer. We know this from our own experience 🙂

Our supplier is carefully selected and every smoothie bag you can buy in our store is verified and comply with EU-legislations as well as our own high requirements. To make sure that we comply with regulations and our own requirements we are working with, SGS. They have helped us to execute all necessary tests. It is important for us not to compromise on design, function and quality. It results in a sustainable product that will be used over and over again by you and your kids.